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avenue. police got a call, a 911 call from the house just after noon today. when they arrived they found 32-year-old darla napora unresponsive. her husband said one of the pit bulls attacked his wife. the dog had been in the backyard but somehow had gotten out. when officers were at the home, the dog charged them. they opened fire and killed the animal. we'll update the story with new information that comes available. we're also following a developing story out of oakland. police say they have the man who pulled the trigger and killed a 3-year-old boy. the confirmation coming from oakland's police chief. jodi hernandez joins us live in oakland with the very latest. >> reporter: oakland police say they have worked non-stop for the last 72 hours. detectives have gotten little sleep as they have tried to track the alleged shooter down, and now police say they have got their man.
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>> this is all about lawrence denard. lawrence denard pulled out a gun, fired at a young child and killed and murdered a young child. >> reporter: and now the man police say fired the gun that killed 3-year-old carlos nava is behind bars. 26-year-old lawrence denard, a parolee with a history of possessing firearms has been charged with murder for the little boy's death. >> the defendant with callous disregard for the safety of everyone womantonally shot and killed the little boy as they walked home. >> reporter: but denard's cousin says she's innocent. she describes denard as loving and carriage. she says he has a 4-year-old daughter himself. >> he probably would have got out and jumped in front of that bullet for that little boy. >> my heart goes out to that boy and his family, but my cousin didn't kill y'all. >> reporter: but police tell a
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much different story. they say denard is a killer who now faces more than 100 years behind bars. they hope little carlos' death is not in vain. >> this episode needs to be a catalyst for this city. this episode of losing this little life in the streets of oakland needs to change the city of oakland as a whole. monday, august the 8th, at 1:12 p.m. should be the rallying cry for this city to turn itself around. >> reporter: now, the police chief notes that during the last 72 hours since little carlos was killed there has only been one shooting in the city of oakland. he says that's because there are so many police out on the streets. he says that shows with the right resources, they can make this city safer. now, denard will be back in court tomorrow afternoon to finish his arraignment. he still needs to get a defense attorney. police are still looking for another suspect. they believe, again, that denard
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was the alleged shooter, but they are looking for one more person in this case. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. some significant developments on the peninsula as well. a possible alleged admission of murder. we have an update in the case of an east palo alto community activist gunned down in a parking lot last year. david lewis was shot and killed outside his car last june at hillsdale mall at the parking lot of hillsdale mall in san mateo. today a judge ordered 58-year-old gregory elarms, who is accused of following and killing lewis, to be placed in the state mental facility. he is expected to be housed at napa state hospital until he is competent to face his murder charged. police say he first called them to report a tip in this case, but then allegedly admitted to the killing himself. new tonight at 6:00, child at voe cats call the numbers atrocious. the straight released school dropout rates today and they show one in five students in
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california don't finish high school. experts say the numbers are most accurate they have ever been because of a new tracking system. but the picture they paint is dismal for many areas, including the east bay. here are some numbers for you. in oakland, just 53% of high school students tracked for the last four years graduate. in san francisco, 82% of students graduated. santa clara county, you see nearly 80% and finally those numbers now are compared to 74% of high school students graduating across the state. >> so we do need to put more emphasis on english learner. we need to put more emphasis on african-american students and we need to go below the high school level. we have students that never even make it to high school, so these prevention programs really need to start in elementary and middle school. >> indeed. speaking of those students before high school, another alarming statistic. the numbers show that 17,000 eighth grade students across the state quit before even going to a single day of high school. marijuana plants might grow
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just like any other crop, but a california judge ruled it does not qualify as agriculture. this week's ruling stems from a lawsuit filed by the board of supervisors against a medical marijuana collective that has been growing pot on land zoned for agriculture. the judge pointed out marijuana has never been classified as a crop and sided with the board of supervisors. now the medical marijuana growers association must move its operation to land zoned for commercial or manufacturing uses. the decision is believed to be the first of its kind. pro-marijuana groups say the ruling is ridiculous. san jose police are having trouble containing the rising homicide rate in the city and one expert tells us gang-related violence is only going to get worse. he points the finger directly at the budget. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live at roosevelt park, the scene of san jose's 30th homicide this year. >> reporter: janelle, police are still investigating that homicide here at roseville park.
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now, there is a group called firehouse ministries that work in the streets to keep kids off of them, but now they worry they might not have any money to keep going. mary castillo power blows one end of roseville park and edward sprays another. he's paid to remove tags around town. she volunteers her time. >> i like to have the park clean when i bring my grandchildren over here. >> reporter: but no spray gun or leaf blower can hide the city's homicide 11 days ago. >> no matter what reason he was killed, i'm sorry it happened. >> reporter: now one gang expert says it's going to happen more often. pastor sonny lata of firehouse ministries says he's gotten thousands of kids out of gangs over the years. >> a lot of people won't go in the areas we walk and where we go. we're firehouse, we put out fires. >> reporter: but he says the city took most of his funding
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away. he now operates in only one school, not six. he says without intervention, violence breeds more violence. >> people are probably having more weapons now because they're afraid for themselves because the streets have become a little more riskier to walk. >> reporter: the mayor says the $115 million budget shortfall forced city hall to make painful cuts, but there is still a gang prevention task force. >> i know guys that know the streets, not afraid to go into an area. >> reporter: lata says he'll have to fund raise to keep walking the streets, while mary castillo hopes the gangs don't take over her park. and the police chief has warned the mayor and the city council that the first week of school is always a dangerous one because that's when gangs begin their recruitment and intimidation on those schools. by the way, the firehouse ministries is holding a walk-a-thon on september 17th at
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jubilee christian center in san jose to raise funds. we're live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. friends and family, many from san jose, said a final goodbye today to a navy s.e.a.l. and bay area native. he was killed in last weekend's helicopter ambush in afghanistan. they gathered in virginia for a private funeral for chief petty officer kevin houston, who grew up in san jose. today's funeral was held at the church he had been attending while stationed in virginia beach. dozens of motorcyclists carrying american flags escorted houston's family to the church. houston served in both iraq and afghanistan and was awarded a bronze star with valor. one fateful night last week has changed the lives of two young people. the man facing dui and hit and run charges after striking a 9-year-old boy is behind bars again tonight. his family will have to come up with a lot more money for his bail, because the judge significantly increased the amount today.
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tracy grant has the new details for us tonight. >> reporter: cameras were not allowed inside as the 21-year-old hayward man exited the courtroom through the same private door he was allowed to use to enter, except he was escorted out in handcuffs. >> i just ask that your thoughts and prayers stay with ryan and his family. thank you all. >> reporter: assistant district attorney argued during today's arraignment that vargas's bail did not match the severity of the crime and that he's a potential risk to public safety. vargas was arrested and charged with hitting 9-year-old ryan white on thursday night and then speeding away from the scene. white and his family were visiting from philadelphia and walking back to their hotel after a giants/phillies game. >> andrew is distraught, there's no question about it. he's remorseful, he's ashamed of how he acted and he's hoping that ryan will make a full recovery. >> reporter: he told the judge results from vargas's blood alcohol test were between 0.13
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and 0.15. he tried to escape when police arrived. the judge agreed that the $65,000 bail vargas posted wasn't enough and added $400,000 more dollars to it. vargas pleaded not guilty in court today. his attorney lashed out when asked specific questions about vargas and the case. >> why don't we do this. why don't we go back to the courtroom and this is where the case needs to be decided. i'll show you what this is. this is called a courtroom. this is a courtroom. this is where justice is dispensed. >> reporter: san francisco general hospital doctors upgraded white's condition from critical to serious yesterday. vargas is expected back in court on august 16th. in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. in other news tonight, two people who police say are responsible for hundreds of thefts up and down the peninsula are behind bars tonight. belmont is one of the cities that have seen a spike in burglaries in recent weeks. last night belmont police teamed up with san mateo detectives to arrest a 21-year-old south san
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francisco man and a 20-year-old san mateo woman. the two are facing a variety of theft charges. meanwhile victims of recent burglaries are being called to come identify dozens of items recovered by detectives. still ahead at 6:00, another tragic turn at yosemite national park. the mishap that ended up costing a teenager his life. hundreds show up for a local job fair. i'm elise kirschner. coming up with the job market is looking like right now. plus, could the key to detecting a gas leak be high above your home? pg&e's new plan to keep you safe. and good afternoon, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri live in campbell with a lively audience out here. yes. we're going to bring you some summertime jams at this music in the park, plus a unique look at some culture here in campbell. that's all straight ahead.
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the line was out the door as more than 1,000 people showed up to a local job fair today. and it all happened in an area where the unemployment rate has actually dropped in the past two years. nbc bay area's elise kirschner tells us why so many people are still looking for work here in the silicon valley. >> reporter: a mad house, that's how charles describes the job market right now. >> i've been applying for two years plus. >> reporter: the 68-year-old waited for an hour just to get into this job fair at the santa clara county social services agency in san jose. with a lifetime of experience in i.t., he returned to school to get a graduate degree. now he's trying to land back in the workforce. >> i'm spending about two hours a day on my pc applying online. >> reporter: even though silicon valley is now home to apple, the country's most valuable company, employment experts say jobs are
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increasingly reserved for the cyber elite. >> i'm seeing that it's very tough and very competitive. >> reporter: it's also getting tougher for calworks clients. 16,000 low income families in santa clara county now rely on assistance, and about 700 families lost their benefits last month because of new state rules limiting the maximum time you can get aid from 60 to 48 months. but county officials say there is a bright spot here for those looking for work. >> we're seeing more employers come, i'm thinking, more interested employers than we have in the past, which is, i think, a nice little turn-around for us. >> reporter: companies like edible arrangements. instead of laying off employees, they are opening stores in the bay area and hiring. >> definitely it can be challenging, but we are growing. >> reporter: something that gives charles hope, despite competing against many, more than half his age. >> it's not real good for your
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ego, that's for sure. to get back out and start hoofing and looking for jobs. but if you've got to do it, you've got to do it. >> reporter: in silicon valley, tech firms are expanding their work forces. 15% growth is expected over the next two years. in san jose, elise kirschner, nbc bay area news. it's a tough process for so many people. well, pg&e is trying something new. detecting gas leaks from the air. pg&e tested new technology today in solano and yolo counties. it would alert them more quickly in the event of a methane gas leak. the utility simulated gas leaks and set up decoys and false positives for three separate vendors competing to provide pg&e with this new service. the companies use lasers mounted on helicopters to detect gas in the air. >> it's a laser-based system that allows realtime detection of pipeline methane. >> this is a gas, a helicopter-based gas sensor. it's actually using sunlight as
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energy source to measure the gas. >> pg&e will study the results and make a decision on which company to go with by mid-september. the california wildfire fee might be illegal and now the special fee is facing even more problems. this is a story we first reported to you last night. now the governor wants to change it and local fire officials say it was poorly written to begin with. the $150 yearly fee on rural homeowners was intended to raise money to fight wildland fires. the problem, state law says such fees can only be charged for fire protection and not for firefighting. a $200 million approval today to help ease the stress of south bay commuters. it includes work on three road projects as well as bart's extension to san jose. the california transportation commission voted to give the south bay the money immediately. $40 million of it will go towards the ten-mile bart line from fremont to the barrysa area.
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$71 million will add car pool lanes between millipepitas and jose. $85 million for merging lanes and $10 million to build kato road. the state has given $640 million for the $2.1 billion bart project. bart is rolling out a new fleet with a new look, and they're asking for your help. take a look, these are the three interior design choices you can vote on. tonight is the first in a series of open house events to get your feedback. the event will be held in richmond at richmond main street located at 1000 macdonald avenue. it runs from 6:30 to 8:30 tonight. if you can't make tonight's open house go online to and submit your feedback that way. we will keep you posted on upcoming event the next couple of weeks. we used to do this with matt lauer. where in the world is matt lauer. now where in the bay area is jeff ranieri. we think he's in campbell. what a beautiful night to be outside, jeff.
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>> how did you know? were you on the 5:00 show? >> hmm, i think so. you gave us a clue back then. >> yes, of course. yes, we're right here in campbell, which can often get confused down here with san jose in the larger part but it is amazing out here tonight. you know it's summer in the bay area when there is not only music in the park but there's also some great drinks as well. as we pan off out here, i have some new friends out here at music in the park. it's a great time. everyone out here is just having a blast in campbell. we're on the front lawn of the anesly house, a very historic property here in campbell. it's definitely a you cannot miss opportunity. come out here to music in the park or tour the house. joining us tonight, karen lang with the city of campbell. tell us about music in the park. not too much time left? >> yes, there's only one more left next week, it begins at 6:00 p.m. with sage. so very exciting. >> so you definitely have to come out for that. we want you to get a real quick slice of the history here in campbell. tell us about campbell.
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it was actually known for the fruit industry, right? >> yeah. all these fruits that you see here, campbell had orchards and would grow these fruits right here. >> so neck at that reens. >> peaches, pears, apricots and plums, which are made into prunes. >> so campbell would not have been here if it was not for all of these fruits you think. >> that's right. it was all about the fruit industry. >> but you guys are not all dried up, so to speak, are you? >> no, no. actually then later on -- >> speaking of that. >> speaking of which, later on sunsweet started here in campbell and campbell had the largest fruit drying yard in the world. >> well, that's phenomenal. so the fruit industry actually started this wonderful and amazing city and now it's grown into a very popular music in the park and so much more here in downtown. thank you for joining us. we'll have more coming up. let's get to our weather maps right now. what you're going to find is some cooler weather right along the coastline. this fruit looks really good. karen, don't go anywhere, you've got to stay here with me.
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so fog at the coastline and then we're going to find breezy conditions yet again for friday. for the weekend it's going to stay mild to warm across the bay area. high pressure is too far south to bring us hot weather, so what we're going to find is more 70s bayside, 80s inland for the east and south bay and also fog at the coastline. here's how it looks tomorrow morning on your friday, tgif. it's going to be amazing starting here for our weekend. we're going to warm up into the mid and upper 60s, so still a little on the cooler side for august. and on your seven-day, what we have here is low to mid-80s all the way through the next seven days. instead of hotter weather, it does look to be cooler. this time in campbell, you can have triple digits and there's nothing like a nice piece of sliced fruit from campbell's history. are you going to have a piece with me? grab one real quick. let's cheers. back to you guys. >> very nice. with apricots? >> i'll bring you some back. >> you better keep your word. >> peaches, plums, jeff ranieri doing the whole thing. >> we're having a good time.
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so much talk about the slumping economy, but not for farmers markets. in fact they are booming. the number of farmers markets in california grew by 26% last year. agriculture officials say the growth could be attributed to a real push in the state to eat healthier. >> people starting to understand that what they eat can help prevent chronic disease, improve their health, fight obesity, so that's clearly a strong trend. but we also see this renewed interest in food, where it comes from, how it's produced and who grew it. >> ross also says farmers markets, and we know this, have become community gathering spots in many areas, where you might see a local chef, a local weather guy, mobile health clinics and blood banks. this, by the way, is national farmers market week. i know this farmers market is happening as we speak right now in san carlos, los all tultoalte saw jeff ranieri out in campbell. well, still ahead at 6:00,
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setting the record straight. what the woman accused of breaking into alex trebek's san francisco hotel room says he was really doing there. did we miss something in those five months? we'll never know. also ahead, e.t. can phone home once again. the out of this world project now up and running, thanks in part to a select. and google steps up its challenge to facebook. the very addicting new features on google plus. stay with us. slow-cooked pork tenculent with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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our business and tech headlines, google is at it again. google plus is stepping up its pursuit to be the social media king. now comes word that the fledgling venture from google is adding games like angry birds, zynga and crime city to compete with facebook. mountain view-based google says it's going to start slow rolling out these games in waves.
6:26 pm
linkedin said it will no longer display users names and photos in social ads. this week users began protesting the new form of advertising, called social ads. it promoted ads or services they recommended or companies they followed by using members' names and photos. now the social ads will only tell you when people in your network make a recommendation as opposed to showing their name or photo. england's prime minister says he's looking into blocking social networking sites and messaging services in the event of violent unrest. government leaders are working with law enforcement agencies and tech companies to explore the option. tlae people have already been arrested on suspicion of using social media and messaging to encourage rioting. critics say silencing people in that way would only make people more angry. in all more than 1200 people have been arrested in england after five days of rioting. it all started on saturday as a peaceful protest. people upset with the fatal
6:27 pm
police p shooting of a father of four. we've all heard of attempts of breaking out of prison but how about breaking into prison. it's true. why an ex-inmate was caught on prison grounds this morning. also ahead, we're learning of another deadly incident at yosemite national park. this time involving a teenager. environmental groups put the americas cup yacht race in their cross hairs. why they say the event will be anything but smooth sailing. and wall street whiplash. another historic day for the stock market as president obama takes aim at congress. we'll be right back. nd jenty-fi. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney.
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. [ bell ringing ] >> the closing bell signalled the end of another roller coaster ride on wall street. the dow saw another day of volatile trading fueled by good news about jobs here in the bay area and better news about economic stability efforts in europe. the dow up more than 400 points
6:30 pm
today, nasdaq up more than 100 points. traders are trying to make sense of mixed messages and their confusion is obvious to anyone watching wall street. nbc bay area's kimberly tere has the very latest. >> reporter: it was another wild ride on wall street, with the dow climbing back over the 11,000 mark. and it proved to be a historic one. for the first time, the dow had two 400-point swings in a row. >> is this the bottom in the market? >> i'd like tob believe so but it's way too early to tell. >> reporter: the market picked up on the news germany and france are meeting next week and italy is promising strict reforms. a better than expected report on u.s. jobless claims helps but investors are still running scared. >> i think americans are looking at washington and looking at europe and saying does anyone really know what's going on? do these people know what they're doing, and that's leading to the volatility. >> reporter: president obama was in michigan talking about the jobs america needs and the job washington isn't doing.
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>> there is nothing wrong with our country. there is something wrong with our politics. >> reporter: on capitol hill, the last seats were filled on the so-called supercommittee, charged with slashing spending over the next decade, but before the meetings even start, one tea party member has declared that tax increases are off the table. >> i think the most important thing is to make credible reductions in the size of the deficit. i think that's got to come from the spending side. >> the super committee has until thanksgiving to agree on $1.5 trillion in cuts, and if they can't agree, there will be $1.2 trillion in automatic reductions, evenly divided between defense and discretionary spending. cuts neither side wants. kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. governor jerry brown defied many of california's mayors and took away their redevelopment agencies. many people figured the issue was headed for court, and that's where we are now. the state supreme court announced today it will hear the case. mayors and city administrators are delighted, but if they win,
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the state loses. that redevelopment money represents $1.7 billion. that big chunk of the state budget. if the justice rules against governor brown, the state will have to get that money somewhere else. the court will hear the case in october and probably make its ruling by next january. it's not quite smooth sailing for the upcoming americas cup. a activists in san francisco say it's time for plan b. they gathered at city hall to complain that the environmental impact report needs improving. the americas cup is the super bowl of yacht racing and is schedule to be held in san francisco bay in 2013. with 50 days of racing, the activists say it will be like holding fleet week for seven straight weeks. the environmental report assumes spectators will gather only along the waterfront. >> that's simply not true. people are going to flock to coit tower because that's a place people know. so far this report dramatically underestimates the impact on the environment and the neighbors who live around that area.
6:33 pm
>> we're here today to help the americas cup do this right, and i trust that they will. >> these activists claim the draft version of the report also does not adequately address concerns about air and water quality and daily recreation on the bay. the lawyer for san francisco ia san francisco woman charged with breaking into the hotel room of alex trebek says his client is not a thief, but a prostitu prostitute. he said his client was at the hotel to meet a customer and she was not in his room. the distinction is key because prostitution is a misdemeanor. if he's convicted of felony burglary, it would be her third strike and she could face a prison sentence of 25 years to life. she has pleaded not guilty. a teenager who fell while hiking at yosemite national park last weekend has died. the stanislaus county coroner confirms the 17-year-old died at a modesto hospital last night.
6:34 pm
a park spokesperson says the fresno teen slipped on some rocks along the trail near the bottom of vernal falls. the boy was airlifted to a hospital shortly after the incident on saturday. a record 14 people have died at yosemite this year. this death is not included in that total because he later died at a hospital, not inside the park. california is just now getting its report card on hate crimes for last year. the bottom line, there's some mixed results. the total number of hate crimes held steady. seven more reports in 2010 than 2009. anti-jewish hate crimes were down by 20%, anti-black crimes down by nearly 14% and anti-gay crimes dropped by more than 10%. hate crimes against hispanics, though, and this is the big one, increased by nearly 47%. a former prisoner trying to sneak back into prison. a parolee was caught at new folsom prison early this morning. he says he just wanted to
6:35 pm
reminisce. thermal imaging cameras spotted marvin lane usery hiding in some bushes. he's under arrest on suspicion of being a felon on prison grounds. he is currently on parole for robbery. about 30 prison staff members searched the grounds looking for anything left by him. former inmates have been previously caught sneaking in, back packs filled with drugs, cell phones or alcohol, which are then smug ed into prison. in this case his bicycle was the only thing found. the girlfriend of boston's notorious crime boss, james "whitey" bulger was indicted today. she was charged with helping bulger dodge authorities during his 16 years on the run. the maximum penalty is five years in prison. she has been in police custody since being captured in santa monica back in june. bulger has pleaded not guilty to being involved in 19 murders while he headed the winter hill gang. still ahead at 6:00, is there anybody out there? the search for e.t. continues,
6:36 pm
thanks partly to a celebrity. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri here live in campbell. it's music in the park tonight and i'm with my new friends. we're having some fun. we'll tell you all about our seven-day forecast and give you a little slice of history here in campbell right up.
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the test flight for a high-speed aircraft failed. the falcon hypersonic is said to be able to fly from l.a. to new york in 12 minutes, but that didn't happen today. the unmanned glider took off from van denburg air force base in southern california and flew for nine minutes. something caused the fwliglider crash into the pacific ocean. no word yet on the cause or if there's going to be a new test
6:39 pm
flight. well, the state's budget crisis has taken its toll on jobs and businesses but it's also affecting the search for life beyond our planet. >> we bring in joe rosato jr. who shows us how a group of researchers are keeping alive the hunt for extraterrestrial life. >> it's disappointing to walk by this room every day and see it empty. >> reporter: every day as he walks the halls, tom pierson is reminded something is missing. >> the five computer screens that you see normally would be on if the telescopes were working. >> reporter: these now dark screens would normally monitor information transmitted from an array of 42 telescopes 290 miles northeast of san francisco. the allen telescope array combed the galaxies for any signs of life, but in april, the money ran out and the plug was pulled. >> uc berkeley has had to pull out of their funding and their operations of the observatory, but we are eager to keep it
6:40 pm
going. >> reporter: so eager, in fact, that the science experts quickly became experts on the force of social media. through sites like facebook and twitter, they raised more than $200,000, enough money to in september, the allen array will resume its intergalactic search. >> one of humans' oldest questions since mankind first looked up at the sky and wondered, well, what do those stars mean and what's out there, are we alone. >> reporter: and that question is at the core of seti, which stands for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. to astronomers like allen, the allen array represents the greatest hope of answering that question. >> this is in a way the hubble space telescope in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. this is the instrument that's going to surpass all the past efforts which have really just been the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: at the same time, the search for funds to keep the telescopes running will also continue. the institute is relying on donations as well as funding
6:41 pm
from the air force, which uses the telescopes to monitor space debris. still, some will wonder what the instruments might have heard during their brief hiatus. >> did we miss something in those five months? we'll never know. will there be a discovery in yours or my lifetime? we'll never know. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> we might never know. among the contributors to this campaign was actress jodie foster. you might recall jodie foster played the role of a seti researcher in the film "contact." finally an answer to what's become an internet sensation in the last week. should bert and ernie of "sesame street" get married. today the program made a clear answer and said no. almost 9,000 people signed an online petition organized by as a way to change tolerance but although the puppets are identified as male characters and have many human characteristics, they don't have a sexual orientation and will not be getting married. >> and they are just buddies. >> yeah, just good friends.
6:42 pm
>> our good friend, our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, somewhere among the people in campbell and the food. jeff, take it away. >> oh, yes, it's looking peachy out here tonight in campbell. the city of campbell, known for its canning industry in the past, but it's also known for its music in the park when it comes to summer. we're going to listen to some of these summer jams and we're going to talk campbell culture coming up with my very comfortable seven-day forecast in just minutes. that all sounds good. not so good news for outfielder carlos beltran. plus the a's have liftoff north of the border. sports coming up. first, are you ready for some football? the raiders moments away from kicking off their preseason opener. we'll get you out to the coliseum for a preview of tonight's matchup with the cardinals. that's sports, coming up next. soe re al unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer.
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meteorologist jeff ranieri is enjoying the outdoors, he's live in campbell eating food, drinking wine, listening to music. >> he's always having a good time. take it away, jeff. >> yes, yes, where in the world is jeff ranieri? in campbell down here on the front lawn of the historic ainsly house. just seconds ago i came over, were you startled? >> not at all, you're quite handsome. >> i guess the gym is working for me. so are you having fun out here?
6:45 pm
>> yeah, we're having a great time. we come out every week with friends and family. we all get out on the dance floor and it's a great way to break up the week. >> we know there's one more week of music in the park. what's your name and where are you from? >> maggie from san jose. >> you came all the way from san jose to campbell. not too far to go. thank you so much. you guys have a good time. now we're going to come over here. we've had this table set up here and we're joined by the mayor tonight, jason baker here of campbell. jason, this is a phenomenal atmosphere here tonight. who knew that campbell had all this great stuff? >> people wonder what campbell has to offer. we have music in the park every thursday throughout the summer. we've got one more coming up, people can come out to that. you've got all this food out here, it looks lovely. campbell wouldn't be on the map were it not for fruit. j.c.ainsly had a canning organization. >> there was three canneries
6:46 pm
near the railroad that shipped fruit as far away as glengland some cases because it became so popular. a lot of what you're seeing right now, we have some ne nectarines and plums, that's the reason it's all here right now. >> this is where it all started and this is where it is today. music, fun, family friendly atmosphere. >> you were mentioning campbell is all about community and bringing everybody together. you have this upcoming event that's inspired by the obama administration and tell people about that real quick. >> that's right. we've got a michelle obama let's move event coming up. let's move, let's play, september 24th. it's coming up. it's like an open house for our community center. our community center is one of the jewels of our community and we're going to open it up to the whole community to come out, take a look at what we have to offer. >> thank you so much. really appreciate you joining us, jason baker, the mayor of campbell. i was going to offer you some fruit but i remembered these are props, these are fake. you good fake fruit out here. let's take a look at our weather headlines. really appreciate that, thank you so much, guys. you can see over the next 48
6:47 pm
hours we do have some fog coming back to the coastline. it's going to be breezy to cool. this area of high pressure that normally produces some hot weather is just too far to the south to bring those 90s and triple digits, so we're on easy street the next couple of days. it will be breezy, though, in the hills with temperatures in the 70s bayside and tomorrow morning still starting off cold with upper 40s and low 50s in the north bay and for the south bay here in campbell, looking at about 57 degrees. and for tomorrow, those numbers peaking out in the low to mid-80s across the south bay and we're even looking at 70s along the coastline. on your seven-day forecast, what we're going to find is those conditions in the 80s here as we head throughout the next seven-day forecast. and it's going to be pretty comfortable here so you're not going to have to turn on that ac too much here as we head into the upcoming forecast. now, we were inside the historic ainsly house in the 5:00, but look at the outside. it's kind of like this gingerbread house. it was built back in the 1920s
6:48 pm
and it was actually on the original ebay campus but it was transplanted here back in 1990 where the city of campbell has fully refurbished the outside and the inside and you can come and tour this. it's all put on my volunteers and nonprofit. in fact last year over 4,000 students came on out here and enjoyed this, so you can come on out here to keep this going for all the younger generations to experience what it was like in the south bay back in the 1920s. it's phenomenal. this music in the park is great too. i've got to show you one more thing. they're so die hard about the canning and where campbell came from, this can is actually empty. it's a replica, but it still looks like the old-time thing. >> it looks great. >> but look at this glass, it's completely full with the real thing. >> i may come and join you, because you are quite handsome. >> please, janelle. >> i can tell you're working out. >> why, thank you. >> maybe that was -- >> i'll save you guys a glass. >> maybe that was jeff's agent who said you are quite handsome,
6:49 pm
young man. >> thanks, jeff. >> jeff ranieri from campbell tonight. let's move on now. some notable surfing accidents at mavericks have triggered the need for some jet ski patrols. the sheriff's office and the federal government met today to discuss a plan to lift the current ban on jet skis for surfers and photographers who have special rescue training. right now privately run jet skis are prohibited at the site near half moon bay, but watercraft run by public agencies are allowed in. surfers like the idea, especially when the waters turn rough during winter. all right, let's turn our attention to sports now. let's bring in jim from our comcast sportsnet newsroom. janelle and i are excited. 7:00 p.m. kickoff. we're talking some raiders football. are you dancing, by the way? >> is that your football dance? >> that is my football dance. i am getting ready, gang, thanks so much. do you know why i am smiling?
6:50 pm
because football is back and the preseason begins tonight. ladies, you have seen the last of your husbands, which at my house is welcome, but i digress. five nfl games open the preseason slate, including the raiders, as they take on the arizona cardinals. the silver and black trying to build off last year's 8-8 season with new head coach hugh jackson. kate long worth on the scene has the scoop from the coliseum. kate? >> reporter: well, in just two weeks of practice under their belts, the raiders take the field for the first time in this 2011 season. and with their practice time cut short due to the lockout, the players are treating this preseason with a little bit more importance. >> you still have to stop the run, run the football, do the basic things in football. and you know, in any sport, if you can could the basic things of your sport really well, i think you'll be successful. >> each year you look for something to get to the next level and that's definitely one of the things that i've been trying to improve and work out each and every day.
6:51 pm
that helps us. >> it will be fun, you know. i messed all the banging in camp earlier, so i guess i'll be more excited when it's coming on thursday. after all is said and done, it's football and something that we all love to do and we'll have fun with it. >> reporter: now, this will be hugh jackson's first official game as a head coach and he said over the past 24 hours, his phone has been ringing off the hook with messages from friends and family. but as far as how his nerves and excitement level are holding up, hugh said he can't really notice a difference, because he already has a fiery personality by nature. at the coliseum, i'm kate longworth, nbc bay area. >> all right, kate, thanks very much. as for the 49ers, their first snaps of the preseason will come friday night in new orleans. the sapts are just two years removed from their title run and are considered super bowl favorites again this season, which gives jim harbaugh's group a much-needed test early on. >> that's one thing about camp, you get tired of hitting the same perpendicular all the time.
6:52 pm
it kind of gets old. but, you know, we're excited to go to new orleans and finally get against a different opponent. >> you know, they were world champions a couple of arsa ago. just to have my first game against them is going to be exciting. i just want to go out there and make some plays and get some plays and some experience there. golf, first round of the pga championship from the atlantic athletic club. and tiger woods won't win that playing like this. on 15, his shot gets wet. he shot a 7 over par 77, the worst first round of his career, including two double bogeys on the day. woods tied for 129th overall. steve stricker out of the bunker on 5, that's a nice shot. he's your tournament leader. he's setting the pace 7 under 63. a's and jays baseball. well, up in canada, they're just eating some tim horton's waiting for hockey to start. top of the third, scoreless game, two on for cliff
6:53 pm
pennington. no banjo hitting allowed. deep shot to left. two score, 2-0 a's. later in the inning a's up and conner jackson, can't make the catch. am i seeing double? a two-run triple. a's up 5-0. top of the sixth, a's up 6-2 and hideki matsui with a single. sizemore comes in to score. godzilla 4 for 6, two rbi and two runs. a's win 10-3. injury news on the struggling giants outfielder carlos beltran. he received a cortisone shot in his right wrist on wednesday and is unlikely to play in the series opener against the marlins on friday. general manager brian sab january told comcast sportsnet he still holds hope that beltran will play this weekend. and friday matt cain gets the ball and the bump as the g-men look to bounce back from a very bad 3-7 home stand which saw them drop to second place in the nl west standings. that's going to do it for sports. >> jim, janelle wants to see you
6:54 pm
dance again. >> i got it. i've got some shake and moves. this is my football moves. >> oh, that is purely ugly. jim always bringing the energy on our sportscast. for a full half hour of bay area sports and dance coverage, you can watch comcast sportsnet central tonight at 10:30. actually it's a big night, because the raiders getting ready for tonight's game, the 49ers for this weekend and of
6:55 pm
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tonight at 11:00, we're following developing news we first told you about at the top of this newscast. a pregnant pacifica woman mauled to death by the family pit bull. she's 32-year-old darla nappeor. one of the family's pit bulls was standing over her body. we have crews on the scene at this moment in pacifica and we'll have new details for you tonight on our newscast at 11:00. brent cannon joins us to tell us what else is coming up at 7:00. >> in just a couple of minutes we'll talk about the new entry into the presidential race. we take a look at howexas governor rick perry could change the dynamics. plus the jobs front, a look at where those jobs are here in the silicon valley. who's hiring and the unique ways to recruit candidates. we'll tell you about a new company out there. and we follow up on the riots in england. a bay area woman living in london talks to us about the current situation. we check in with her and find out what's going on there. >> okay.
6:58 pm
we'll see you at 7:00. we hope to see you back here at 11:00. >> have a good night, folks.
6:59 pm

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